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Teaching Statement

For the last eight years I have developed curriculums and taught programmes for the field through 'Earth CoLab' and with natural resource based social movements.

My teaching practice is anchored in the pedagogies of  'place based learning' which is a site specific method of understanding world. It's delivery is contingent on cross-disciplinary modes of epistemology, where knowledge is read and made by engaging with a 'place'. 

For this work I work collaboratively with practitioners from several academic and non academic backgrounds. This includes faculty members from various universities and schools as well as with community members who live and work closely to natural ecosystems.

Taught Programmes | Universities and Schools 

Poetic Science and The Indian Ocean | University of Wollongong | GOA | Human Geography & Creative Writing | July 2022

Writing the Ocean | University of Wollongong | Human Geography & Creative Writing | July 2019

Ridge to Reef | Mallya Aditi International School | GOA | September 2018

Geological Expedition amongst the boulders of Melagiri| Mallya Aditi International School | KRISHNAGIRI | November 2019

Ecosystems in Change | University of Arts, Helsinki | Tamil Nadu and Andaman Islands | February 2016

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